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August 18, 2012 permalink

Google Joyce

Yeah. Hello, This is a message from Super Shuttle scheduled to pick you up. Yeah 6 Yes team. In the morning. Yeah going to Byron bird from the airport. Yeah if you need to make any changes. Yes. Call 5 Yeah, 12, your moving on. Yeah, we will see you tomorrow. Sunday. Yeah 6 yeah. 15. Yeah in the morning. Yeah. Please allow up to you Yeah, 15 minutes. Yeah, after scheduled pickup time, for traffic, your routing yo of other passengers yank you for choosing Super Shuttle, yeah. And please, buckle up force safety. Yeah.

Google Voice’s transcription of an automated robo-call I just got from Super Shuttle, which seems to be channeling Molly Bloom’s soliloquy. I’ve joked about Google Freud before, so I’ll chalk this one up as Google Joyce.