About Me

I’m a long-time resident of Austin, Texas, where I work as the Director of Web and Digital Strategy for the University of Texas School of Law. I’m married to the wonderful children’s book illustrator Marsha Riti, and we’re raising a young, strong, amazing daughter. Those things keep me busy, but I’m available for consultation and freelance projects!

I believe in strategic, content-first, user-focused design.

Good digital experiences come from thoroughly understanding the needs and desires of your users, informed with an understanding of your own business requirements, goals, technology, and processes. I’m available for consultation on qualitative user research, analytics, usability and accessibility audits (Section 508 / WCAG 2.0), facilitating design processes for teams, and more.

I love digging into code and exploring new Web technology.

Even after 20+ years of making things for the WWW (I was that weird kid back in 1994), I still enjoy refining the craft and getting my hands dirty with code. I cut my teeth on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but also have a deep knowledge of backend and frontend scripting languages, server configuration, DevOps, HTTP performance auditing — the plumbing of the Internet, basically. Things move quickly on the Web, so I try to as well.

Let’s make designs that are consistent, reusable, and a pleasure to implement.

I’m a fan of design systems and pattern libraries, and maybe an even bigger fan of structured content. I can help you create both and put the two together, add some progressive enhancement and responsive design, and deliver a reusable, solid process for creating multi-platform digital experiences.