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October 1, 2010 permalink

Thomas Kinkade Disney

Oh, good, Thomas Kinkade, beloved painter of light, alleged swindler of Christianssoiler of cartoon bears and drunken yeller of “codpiece!”, is now tasked with ruining classic Disney scenes for profit. He recently went on the ShopNBC TV channel to peddle a “surprise edition” of his Disney prints, and the hostess’s reaction borders on the obscene.

Did you know he used to work for Ralph Bakshi?

That son of a bitch! Kinkade was the coolest. If Kinkade wasn’t a painter, he’d be one of those cult leaders. Kinkade came into my office with James Gurney when I was looking for background artists [for Fire and Ice]. He’s a good painter, and he did a spiel. He made all these deals. How he went out and did what he did is beyond my understanding now. He’s very, very talented, and he’s very, very much of a hustler. Those two things are in conflict. Is he talented? Oh yeah. Will he paint anything to make money? Oh yeah. Does he have any sort of moralistic view? No. He doesn’t care about anything. He’s as cheesy as they come.

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