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Marsha Riti


Created for the up-and-coming children’s book illustrator, Marsha Riti, the design for this site is a substantial overhaul of the blog site I built for her a few years back. The new “vintage cereal box” look matches her Mid-Century inspired illustration style, with her endearing artwork featured front and center. Keep an eye out for her forthcoming book, The Picky Little Witch, from Pelican Publishing!

Highlights for this project:

  • HTML5 and CSS3 goodness! Much cleaner, lighter code.
  • Custom, lightweight jQuery plugins handle the homepage portfolio viewer as well as the “candy-striped” dual-color post titles
  • Various features of the site are implemented as WordPress custom post types, making it super-easy for Marsha to keep the content fresh.
  • A dash of Typekit-powered font embedding makes the site’s typography consistently cute cross-browser.

Visit the new marshariti.com site.

Flotsam and jetsam

Hello to you two or three people that read and care about the things I post! It’s been awfully quiet around here, hasn’t it? I’ll give the weak excuse that I’ve been super-busy this summer, and the best laid plans of mice and men etc., etc. But I’ve also not been posting much to del.icio.us lately, which was always the filler that gave my site the illusion of some life in RSS-land.

I have been quietly posting stuff, though! I’ve moved most of my side-note activities over to Tumblr, which is usually more fun for me to play with (hey, it’s got graphics and video posts in addition to links!). If you’d like to follow along, head over to debris.adamnorwood.com or sign up for my new “side-channel” RSS feed. That feed will eventually track my other linked entries around the web, from del.icio.us, YouTube, Vimeo, and whatever else I feel should be annotated and passed along and shoved into your reader. I’ll also soon be offering a firehose feed, in case you want to keep up on all of these posts from both the full blog as well as the side items. Just got to figure out how to keep Yahoo! Pipes! from chopping and screwing my media <embed>s beyond recognition…

Okay, get back to reading the rest of the web!