About your humble narrator

I’m an artist by trade as well as a full-time web designer and developer. I’ve been working the web professionally for over ten full years now, and have been building sites for myself since Mosaic was in beta and day-glo colors were all the rage. One dotcom bubble and a BFA degree later and I’m steadily employed at the University of Texas School of Law, a very nice place to be.

In between working for the university and freelancing, I continue to explore drawing and photography as part of a studio practice. I also try to squeeze in time to keep up on the research in diverse fields, as I’m passionately interested in:

  • the humanities: art, language, literature, music, art history (including contemporary studies), illustration, cartoons, mythology and religion (mostly in the historical sense), politics, anatomy;
  • technology: artificial vision, imaging technology, web design and development (and the related fields of accessibility and usability), security, the open source + free software movement, social interaction, math;
  • and way too many other things to list…

Maybe you’d like to check out my résumé (PDF)?

Fad-o-graphs on Flickr

@marshariti's Duck and Flap Cereal sculpture, now gracing my work office's bookshelves!1985 EPCOT Watercolor1985 AT&T Press Release (reverse of EPCOT painting)Printer accessory pareidoliaParty time wayfindingThe neighborhood Koosh ball plants are blooming againOur pickle plant's producing pickles!Calaca retablo mishapWith Vivo gone, the old Café Armageddon sign has reappeared! Last seen circa 1998…PickletowerWildflowers at the PickleSurely worth a nerd merit badge: @marshariti's book is on the front page of the Scholastic Book Fair order form!More from the "our weird unironic breakroom" series: sudden appearance of what looks like a shrine to Columbia House VHS Club circa 1988.Time-delayed NYE party backyard archaeology: cocktail glass, swizzle straw, party popper confetti, cigarettes.

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