Posts written in July 2007

Some short poses

Some short poses

Marsha and I took a very good life drawing informal class at UT this summer with Melissa Grimes. I think I got some decent drawings in, especially considering that I’m more used to three- or four-hour poses! It felt good to be forced to work so much quicker, and to work in drawing styles that are outside my comfort zone (I’m looking at you, blind contour). The longest poses were around 15–20 minutes, and most were in the 5–10 minute range. If you like, you can see some more of these short poses on my Flickr account.

LTS: Law Technology Services

LTS Mousepad

I designed all of the branding for our in-house technology department at the UT School of Law, including the logo, color scheme, and website. The department had recently undergone a restructuring and a name change (we were formerly called “Internet Initiatives”), and it was time to reposition ourselves as a more service-oriented and forward-reaching organization. This particular graphic was used as “marketing” for our site in the form of mouse pads given out to all faculty and staff.